#0 The Wartime Thief

The Wartime Thief

This is the first book in the Chester Bentley Mysteries, book ‘zero’, a novella, and available for free download. You will find the link FREE BOOK! at the top of the home page, where you can easily obtain your free copy or click here. If you prefer paperback format then you can purchase a copy  here on Amazon.co.uk or here for Amazon.con. Meanwhile, is the blurb:
The past often hides dark mysteries and in the case of Chester Bentley they are hidden at the end of his garden.
His ordinary school life is soon turned upside down when he begins to witness suspicious and frightening movements around his old air raid shelter at night.
With his talent for serendipity, he gradually reveals a mystery that began during the war, when two men struggled in the ruins of an ancient castle as Hitler’s bombs were raining down. But what secret business led them there? And how is it connected to the air raid shelter?
Can Chester Bentley overcome his fears, unravel the clues and discover the incredible truth, before the shelter is filled in by his parents and the mystery lost forever?
Book #1 in the series, Chester Bentley and the Ghost of Asher Worth, is now also available!

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“Let the game be ventured!”