#4 The Prize of Roman Britain

Bentley and his four trusty friends are now sent to the world’s oldest and most extraordinary school and it is not long before the history of the ancient site reveals itself to the young treasure hunters.

From the balcony of the castle tower, where Bentley now resides, mysterious movements in the landscape below make their presence felt.

A local legend speaks of a hideous monster and buried kings, but what is the meaning of the strange markers they discover and why is there a witch trying to contact them?

Something from England’s ancient past is calling Bentley, and yet he is not the only one that knows the land hides a remarkable secret. His sworn enemy, Lord Moreton, is determined Bentley will not to beat him to it this time.

But will Bentley ultimately risk his future, and even his life, to be the first to solve the mystery of the lost prize of Roman Britain?