#1 The Ghost of Asher Worth

Meet schoolboy Chester Bentley, the world’s most famous treasure hunter!

All heroes begin as ordinary children and that’s how it was with Chester Bentley. Unsurprisingly, he made the pages of the national and international newspapers, and so began his journey into notoriety as everyone started to follow his many adventures and marvel at his incredible discoveries.

The Ghost of Asher Worth:

It is 1588 and the Spanish Armada has been sighted on the horizon. Drake, England’s buccaneering admiral, leads the English navy out to engage the approaching enemy, but his mission is compromised by a mysterious object.

Almost four hundred years later and school boy Chester Bentley finds himself contacted by a ghost that haunts his house, day and night. But what do the mysterious signs and numbers mean, and where do they ultimately lead?

Can Bentley decipher the clues that lead to one of the most remarkable treasures that England has been unaware of, until now? And is he brave enough to face up to the unrelenting ghost and discover its real reason for contacting him?

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