The Chester Bentley Mysteries


The Chester Bentley Mysteries is a collection of intrepid adventures surrounding major events in British history. Every story leads to the discovery of one of the most surprising, untouched treasures from Britain’s extraordinary and volatile past. The reader will find themselves crushed on the frontlines of Hastings as a Norman knight while facing Harold’s army; on the high seas chasing down the Mughal treasure ship Gunsway with the world’s most notorious pirate, Henry Every; and aboard Drake’s ship Revenge as he confronts the might of the Spanish Armada, to name the adventures in just the first three books in the series.

In each mystery, Chester Bentley finds himself at the juncture of three storylines, where the past confronts the present through a ghostly voice from history. For Bentley to unravel each mystery and discover the remarkable treasure, the reader will follow a trail of clues, riddles and baffling signs that require the inductive reasoning skills associated with the greatest of fiction’s sleuths. Good luck then with your quest! And, as Bentley would say, “Let the game be ventured!”