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5-star-4-website Highly recommend
I was hooked from the outset, great attention to detail and history. Suitable for all adults and older children alike. A great adventure! RM Horsburgh-Williams on 24 Nov. 2016

5-star-4-website A great read!
This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It’s an action-packed suspense novel and has you guessing right to the end about what exactly the `last treasure’ is. Set in southern England the author interweaves three stories into one, leaving the reader mesmerised. I would especially recommend it for teenagers, although with a strong plot and well written it’s fun for readers of any age. M Guasch on 30 Nov. 2016

5-star-4-website Great yarn – the Da Vinci Code in Devon

Interesting context and setting – England was a different place 35 years ago and this helps create a great atmosphere for our characters. The overlay of English history and the present works well and keeps the reader engaged with how things were and came to be. Richard on 6 Dec. 2016

5-star-4-website Lots of great moments through the story
Really enjoyable!!! I couldn’t stop reading. Lots of great moments through the story. Fantastic suspense. I loved the way it was written.
I recommend the book to any teens or adults that love treasure hunt.
I’m waiting with impatience the volume nº2. Bermontserrat on 24 Dec. 2016

5-star-4-website A wonderful read. Absolutely gripping and yet with a gentleness of beautiful writing.
I had to give five stars for such a well written book that provoked an optimism to continue reading whenever the chance was there for a moment’s relaxation.
For those who can get jaded with repetitive plots and mundane expressions, I recommend this author for an uplifting and unexpected plot. Immagination is given free rein to enliven the experience of a good book.
Recommended to all jaded readers… JMPC on 25 Dec. 2016

5-star-4-website I found it hard to put down!

This book has everything! There is a mystery, or a few, which keeps you turning page after page, compelling characters, historical interest and a clever interweaving of different times.
I did find it hard to put down as it accompanied me around Thailand. Nicky C. on 16 Jan. 2017