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Welcome to the Chester Bentley Mysteries! You have stumbled upon an epic series of historical mystery adventures where our protagonist Bentley and his four friends  confront all manner of obstacles in their quest to reveal the greatest treasures in all English history, left undisturbed until now.

Here is a sample from novel #2 The Last Treasure of Ancient England:

When Chester Bentley is bundled off to a remote boarding school in rural Devon he discovers the old house not only conceals a ghost, but also a dark secret and a string of intriguing riddles that will lead him and his new-found friends to resolve the greatest mystery in all English history…

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MJ Colewood is the collaboration between two authors who have a passion for history, mystery and a taste for an authentic adventure.

With educational backgrounds in History and English Literature, this knowledge has been poured into creating a series of epic treasure hunts to challenge even the sharpest reader, while sending them back in time to relive some of the most daunting episodes in English history.

Our aim is a simple one though: to deceive you, scare you and finally amaze you with a treasure you thought was obvious, but you could not have guessed in your wildest imagination.


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